Company History

Nowadays Laird Agro Group (LAG) is a significant food producer in the delta of Vistula river, northern Poland. Company’s historical founders are the Scottish Farmers – brothers Mark and Simon Laird, who succeeded in setting up from a scratch a highly efficient farming business in Poland.

Laird Agro Group started its activity on the most fertile soil in the Vistula river delta – Żuławy in 1994.

Company specializes in crop farming by growing wide range of Cereals, Sugar Beet and Potato.

The main focus for LAG has always been soil management with ultimate due care for obtaining high yields of the best quality at the lowest possible production cost. At the same time the company values the awareness of environmental and social responsibility.

Polish operations grew to 2,700 hectares by 2006. The Group developed strong management team, skills and structures to allow scalable farming model to roll out.

Between 2008 and 2017 Continental Farmers Group Plc. was formed with accompanying successful expansion to Ukraine.

In Dec 2017 the Polish part of CFG was re-acquired from UFHC by Mark Laird and James ManClark through the Scottish holding company – Hopetoun Properties Ltd.

At the moment we plant 4,000 hectares annually and produce approx. 46,000 tones per year (wheat, oil seed rape, sugar beet, potatoes).