About Us

Our Mission

To develop responsible agricultural business based on high ethical standards, transparency and accountability through applying best practices and advanced technology and close cooperation with business partners.


Laird Agro Group is committed to meeting the objectives related to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The priority is investing in human capital, health and safety, protection of environment for the purpose of sustainable healthy food supplies and continuous business development through cooperation with local authorities, business partners and local communities.

Company History

Nowadays Laird Agro Group (LAG) is a significant food producer in the delta of Vistula river, northern Poland. Company’s historical founders are the Scottish Farmers – brothers Mark and Simon Laird, who succeeded in setting up from a scratch a highly efficient farming business in Poland.

Laird Agro Group started its activity on the most fertile soil in the Vistula river delta – Żuławy in 1994.

Company specializes in crop farming by growing wide range of Cereals, Sugar Beet and Potato.


Today we cultivate 4,000 hectares of farmland.

Laird Agro Group puts emphasis on increasing Yields and Quality of the products and improving soil fertility through proper cropping structure and rotation of crops adapted to local conditions, implementation of a balanced fertilization plan and integrated management of chemical plant protection products usage.

Laird Agro Group uses modern agricultural machinery from world-renowned manufacturers (John Deere, Claas, Grimme, JCB). The company also has adequate storage facilities in flat warehouses and silos.

The recipients of our products are leading global companies – ADM, Glencore, Cefetra, Agrico, as well as local and national producers and food processors – Gdańskie Młyny, Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa.


Laird Agro Group has been operating in Poland for 25 years. During that time it received numerous Awards and Certificates of acknowledgement granted by State Authorities and Regional Administrations for efficient cooperation, professional farming and social projects supporting the local communities.

We also can be proud of a number of Awards and Certificates of acknowledgement from Business Partners, Educational Institutions, Social and Charity organizations.